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A police officer bows as he walks out of the Dong Tam commune on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam, with 19 hostages who were originally held in a land dispute, 22 April 2017 In 2015 the land in question was allocated to a firm run by the Vietnamese military. Residents opposed the move, saying they had received inadequate compensation. Last Saturday, local residents of Dong Tam Commune, a village outside Hanoi, took 38 people captive in protest. The hostages included police officers and local officials. Some were released earlier this week. The remaining 19 people were freed on Saturday after a Hanoi official, Nguyen Duc Chung, promised to launch an investigation which is due to conclude in 45 days. Image copyright EPA Image caption Hostages await their release on Saturday following a visit from a city official During the dispute, the villagers built barricades and blocked roads to keep police out and the situation intensified. Local authorities earlier fled the village, leaving residents in control. The land under dispute covers an area of 50 hectares (124 acres) that the defence ministry allocated to the military-run communications firm Viettel Group in 2015.