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NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents describing the program, but most details about it remain secret, making it difficult for individuals to determine whether their emails, online chats, or web-browsing traffic are among those scooped up by the program. Attorneys argue that the interception of communications กระเป๋า MANGO in this fashion exceeds the กระเป๋า ZARA NSAs authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and violates their clients First and Fourth Amendment rights. Fearful that communications will be intercepted by the NSA, some of the plaintiffs have opted to censor their own communications, and in some instances forgo electronic communications altogether, the brief states. Innocent people shouldnt have to look over their shoulders when using the internet, said ACLU attorney Patrick Toomey. The NSA is systematically searching online communications in real-time, invading Americans privacy on a massive scale. This illegal spying undermines constitutionally protected privacy and free speech rights. Government attorneys have sought to raise doubts about the factual basis for the ACLUs arguments and have asked for dismissal of the lawsuit. In a brief submitted to the court, they argue that the groups have no standing because they failed to allege any concrete facts to support their claim that the NSA collects substantially all international electronic communications transiting the United States. The NSA does not automatically have to intercept all communications transiting through a particular cable and could choose to intercept communications traveling only through parts of a cable, they say. Plaintiffs claim that to monitor substantially all international text-based communications, the NSA need only monitor communications at the chokepoints, and that the NSA has installed surveillance equipment at many of the forty-nine chokepoints for such international communications, Justice Department attorneys wrote. But these facts do not permit a reasonable inference that the NSA is comprehensively monitoring all the chokepoints. Justice attorneys counter that even if the court were to find Wikimedias claims plausible, the organization has failed to allege actual injury to itself as a result of NSA surveillance. The communications Wikimedia alleges are intercepted are mere internet transactions that lack the hallmarks [and privacy interests] of traditional communications, Justice attorneys wrote. According to government attorneys, Wikimedias claims that users privacy would be invaded by interception of their online transactions do not hold up because such claims would require that the government be able to identify individual users.

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Ballots from the 2016 U.S. presidential election are recounted, following a request by the Green Party, in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S. December 2, 2016.  REUTERS/Ben Brewer/File Photo 8 election, according to court documents. Wisconsin is one of three states where Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who finished fourth in the presidential poll, sought recounts. Even if recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were all to go ahead, they would be extremely unlikely to change the outcome of Trump's win over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Great America political action committee and Stop Hillary PAC had both gone to court last week to halt the recount, which is more than 88 percent complete, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. "The recount is an inherent part of what ensures the integrity of elections," U.S. District Judge James Peterson said, according to court transcripts. Although Clinton won the national popular vote, by 2.6 million according to the latest count, she lost to Trump in the Electoral College, the 538-person body chosen state-by-state that actually selects the president. Trump, who won a projected 306 electoral votes to Clinton's 232, takes office on Jan. 20. Neither Stein nor Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson won any Electoral College votes. Federal law requires states to resolve disputes over the appointment of Electoral College voters by Dec.

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I agree with the fact to Focus on collecting my personal info to improve Target's retail offering, carry out item and market analysis, and analyse my purchasing and online activity. But recently I possess noticed in person at the designer's store mainly because well as detailed pictures on-line from known authentic consignment shops and from my readers showing that this is NOT the case at all. It's a practical, easy shave and the closest electric shaver in its classcompared to various other access level leading rotary and foil shavers The shaver has cord-less power with up to 35 mins of shaving after an 8 hour charge. France will ban the use of disposable plastic hand bags in supermarkets starting in 2016 , in favor of thicker reusable hand bags.Initiatives are becoming taken to control and reduce their use in some European Union countries, including Ireland and the Netherlands In some cases the cheap hand bags are taxed so the client must pay a fee where they might not have got carried out previously.For example, Idol informed investors Thursday night that a container handbag in its most recent range failed to sell very well.Decorated with the house's iconic 'YSL' logo, Saint Laurent's 'Monogramme Dylan' shoulder handbag is definitely a timeless, wear-forever piece.